Day of Wedding Planner

MONTH OF | Day of Wedding coordinator


As your month of and day of wedding coordinator, we are there for you! We are available to consult with and provide advice, generate a detailed timeline, determine the logistics of the wedding, and work with your selected Tahoe area vendors to ensure a seamless wedding day. On the day of your Lake Tahoe wedding, we are there to handle any unforeseen challenges so that you & your loved ones can relax & enjoy! We are on site to ensure everything goes smoothly for your mountain wedding. 

Depending on your wedding, this might include: the set up of decor, vendor coordination, arranging the ceremony processional, keeping you on track with your timeline. 

This is a great package if most of your wedding is planned. Perhaps you live out of the Lake Tahoe area and have a busy career and want a day of wedding coordinator to ensure a seamless celebration, or you just want to relax and be fully present during your Tahoe wedding. Whatever your wedding needs are, we can tailor our approach to exceed them and then some.

Please contact us for a custom quote on our day of wedding coordinator services.