Wedding Vow Renewals
wedding vow renewals

Wedding vow renewals


We love love. Vow renewals may possibly be even more sweet than the first time you declared your promises to one another for so many reasons.

Some reasons why we love wedding vow renewals:

They’re a great excuse for a party. A real party- your wedding day version two point oh! Did you for a moment contemplate initially hosting a themed wedding but went with a more classic or elegant themed day instead for your wedding day? Go for the theme party now. We love Alice and Wonderland, Murder Mystery hosted parties, yurts in fields- you name it, we want to help visualize it and bring it to life!

Whether you were married last week or are celebrating your fortieth anniversary, vow renewals are another reason to fully experience your love once more. When we say experience we mean you and your partner without the distractions of everyday life. Vow renewals are a wonderful way to recapture romance and touch upon how your love has evolved and experienced the ups and downs of life and time.

We all love an excuse to eat sweets (maybe opt for the colorful cake loaded with edible glitter this time, or that chocolate fondue tower) and while a vow renewal may certainly have cake, it will also have your closest loved ones. Joyous moments hold so much more value when they are shared with those cherished from near and far.

Together we will create an experience to exceed your expectations so that you can be fully present and absorb all the love around.

Please contact us for a custom quote, tailored specifically to your Lake Tahoe wedding vow renewal.