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We Plan Gorgeous Destination Weddings & Intimate Elopements

Everyone says they love to travel, but we really LOVE to travel. We build our schedules around amazing destination wedding trips! With extensive time spent in Italy, Scotland, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Maine to name a few, we customize our wedding services to rock a destination wedding outside of Lake Tahoe. Here are a few other places where we’ve planned destination weddings.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica | Bar Harbor, Maine | Edinburgh, Scotland
Oahu, Hawaii | Newport, Rhode Island | Tuscany, Italy | Algarve, Portugal

We Are Destination Wedding Planners

We will carefully  curate a bespoke, unique, and individualized destination wedding, as unique as the two of you. We are with you to help you dream big and to support you in the process. Whether it be the destination of our breathtaking Lake Tahoe or the cliffs of Greece overlooking the Aegean Sea, we are dedicated to telling your love story through our seamless design and event management. We find the best, most reputable local destination wedding vendors and will help to guide you in all of the decisions of your celebration. As your destination wedding planner, we will work with you to transform the most meaningful moment in your life to the best day of your life.

Events by Daydream as your Destination Wedding Planner in Lake Tahoe

Truly we love that we live in a fairy tale (or National Geographic article, depending how you see it). We love that you want to marry here, in majestic and magical Lake Tahoe. While you may not be aware of the traffic patterns, the highly touristed locations, or the bear and fire regulations, we are. We are locals that absolutely love where we live and have played and explored the depths of our backyard (in all of the seasons) so that we can guide you on your big day.

Personally, we have planned our destination weddings and recognize the true amount of love and energy poured into finding the perfect space to commit to one another. One of the most meaningful things in the destination wedding planner process is having someone you can trust and reach out to when you have questions or ideas, and also a wedding planner who can explain how your dreams can become a reality for your Lake Tahoe destination wedding. We will be your tour guide, your trusted partner in vendor relations, and the first to smile in joy with you on your big day!

The Advantage of a Destination Wedding Planner Familiar with Your Destination

With our carefully curated list of professional local vendors, knowledge of our high elevation’s bright sunny lighting, and the lake wind patterns, we will advise you as local experts. We are aware of every last detail, like which venues need up-lighting close to the lake shore for safety, or which venues water the lawn daily and need to be advised to turn off the sprinkler systems. Without having to spend valuable hours researching the area (we already know it and love it!), as your destination wedding planner we will have more time dedicated to getting down to business on the fun stuff (like planning a pre-wedding sailing trip for you and your closest loved ones).


Why a Destination Wedding?

One of our favorite reasons for a destination wedding is the true authenticity of interactions. Whether it be with two hundred guests, an intimate group of thirty, or simply you and your partner, a destination wedding allows for you to be a part of the full experience. More opportunity for pure connection and interaction is a beautiful reason to opt to have a destination wedding, elopement, or event.


Destination Wedding Packages

We strive to be anything but standard. Each and every quote provided to our couples is totally unique to that couple and their experience. Any one of our offerings can be tailored to meet your travel and destination wedding dreams. We carefully curate each destination wedding package so each quote will look a little different. Keep in mind we adjust a travel quote to be inclusive of our travel and accommodations.