Plan a Lake Tahoe Wedding

If you're looking for a beach wedding, you have found the right place on the majestic shores of Lake Tahoe. Pictures are breath taking with the crystal clear blue waters surrounded by the grandeur of the Sierra mountains. Whether you’re looking for a boho inspired Lake Tahoe wedding with rugs and cushions, or a more whimsical feel with fairy lights and table settings, we can tailor your beach front wedding to create the day of your dreams. We have many options for beach front Lake Tahoe weddings, ranging from 5 star hotel venues on the beach, to a small intimate ceremony in one of Tahoe's best kept secret coves. We can accommodate your dreams of a Lake Tahoe beach wedding.

Lake Tahoe Weddings, Nature is the Most Stunning Space

Along with the beautiful views and sand between your toes, beach weddings allow you to be creative and imagine the space and your budget in a way that isn't possible in most venues. Outdoor weddings add the beauty of nature which is so special at a wedding, but it also means you need to be prepared for all the elements that come with it! We always suggest a rain contingency, which can be anything from brightly colored umbrellas to a tent to ensure the rain (which is known to bring luck to a wedding) doesn't interfere with the final touches we prepared or the delicious meal to be served. We are very familiar with the blessings and challenges of Tahoe and will always guide you in the best possible direction. 

We adore Lake Tahoe and will help you find the perfect location, venue and vendors to ensure you have a magical experience for your Lake Tahoe wedding on the beach.

Please contact us for a custom quote, tailored specifically to your Lake Tahoe Wedding.